We live in a world of revolving credit, which means we also live in a world of uncontrolled debt. Every college student is encouraged to apply for low-balance credit cards and student loans, and some of those application processors persuade them that it will be “good” for establishing credit. However, these students rarely have the tools required to manage their debt and credit. This can cause years of turmoil for the struggling graduate who is trying to get out of debt while trying to establish a life and career for their future.

Debt Consolidation Services

An increasing number of people are seeking help from credit counseling or debt consolidation services. Debt consolidators can help with you get out of debt by reviewing the client’s financial information and help them develop a debt management plan. The debt consolidator will contact the creditors and negotiate lower monthly payments and lower interest rates. Then, one monthly payment is made to the debt consolidator who then distributes the money to the creditors. This makes it easier for the debtor to achieve true debt management while paying off their unsecured debt.

Credit Counseling

Non-profit debt consolidation services are required to provide credit counseling and debt management education to their clients. To get out of debt is only the first step in complete debt management, and by offering education for at least personal budgeting, money management and credit management, debtors are more likely to be financially secure in the future. Credit counseling can help both individuals who are trying to manage their debt and also those who simply want to learn how to manage their finances better.

Services Provided

A reputable debt consolidation service like Credit Guard will have accredited and trained credit counselors who will work with you to reduce your payments to one monthly payment that you can afford. They should offer a free initial consultation, and there should not be upfront fees for their services. Any agreement between you and the consolidation service should be in writing with all fees and services listed.  Moreover, these professional and accredited services will help you get out of debt once and for all, while simultaneously creating and maintaining a financial plan that will be manageable and easy for you to manage.

Debt consolidation services are designed to help you eliminate your overwhelming debt and guide you on the road to financial freedom, so you can concentrate on your life and career.  If you are constantly finding yourself financially struggling, do not fret, or be overwhelmed by your current financial situation – there is a way to get out debt.  Seek financial advice to help you help yourself with the knowledge and experience from a professional.  Getting out of debt is only the first step to building, sustaining, and maintaining an individual life that you deserve.

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