Credit card relief doesn’t have to be a pie in the sky dream that you hope might one day happen to you. It is available right here, right now, in the form of a credit counseling service. Credit counseling is a type of credit management that is consumer-centric, meaning that your needs come first. It is specially designed to help you get rid of your debts quickly, save you thousands of dollars in interest payments, and teach you how to be financially savvy in the future.

Find Relief from Debt – Where to Begin

You begin your path to credit card relief by reaching out. Ask a credit counseling service for help with your debt. You will begin the process in a room or on the phone with a professional counselor who will help you construct the most important table in your financial life – your home budget. A home budget looks at all of your household’s income, debts, and monthly expenses and determines where you need to cut back in order to live within your means.

A credit counselor like CreditGuard of America will give you tips on ways to save money that make sense for you and your family. Most important, though, may be the simple step of looking at all of your money in front of you and tracking every expense as you make it. Staying within budget is the first step to finding credit card relief.

The Next Step – Consolidating Your Debts

Once you know how to stay out of debt as well as how much you can afford to pay off the debts from your past, consolidation is the next step to becoming truly free and clear. The credit counseling service will set you up with an account to which you pay an affordable payment each month.

In return for your low monthly payment, the service will negotiate with creditors and get you lower interest rates, lower monthly payments and waived fees, so you don’t have to worry about your credit score. With the regular payments, your credit score will go up, which will make you eligible for even lower interest rates in the future. Some clients reported that they paid off all of their debts more than six times faster using debt consolidation than they would have just making the minimum payments.

Are you ready to be free of all your debts and have credit card relief? Sign up for a credit counseling service today.

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